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Ever Clear

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Are you looking for the best glass cleaning technology?

Our revolutionary glass finishing technology offers unmatched protection and durability for all your glass surfaces and is 100% sustainable.

EverClear a revolutionary application with a professional service of glass-finishing technology that provides a self-cleaning effect upon contact with water. Experience the enduring beauty of crystal-clear glass surfaces, EverClear solutions feature the innovative CristalCare products.

Our revolutionary glass finishing technology offers unmatched protection and durability for all your glass surfaces. Whether you’re looking to protect your home’s windows or improve the look of your commercial property, 

EverClear glass finishing technology is the perfect solution. Our ennobling technology creates a covalent bonding of two almost identical elements, pure glass, forming a complete part of the existing glass.

EverClear glass cleaning technology is available in Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol Spain, it will soon be available in Portugal, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy the benefits of our revolutionary glass finishing solution.

Windows & Doors


Internal Glass


Microscopically, glass surfaces can be surprisingly rough, making them vulnerable to contamination from dirt, salt, humidity, and cleaning products. Over time, this can lead to corrosion and lime buildup, making the glass more difficult to clean and altering its appearance. Using EverClear glass-finishing technique, the process forms a protection for the glass surfaces immediately upon application. 
A self-cleaning effect upon contact with water,
The application using CristalCare activates an invisible shield that safeguards the glass surface without compromising its visual or mechanical properties. This protective layer helps prevent pollution, reduces the growth of microorganisms such as moss, algae, and fungi, and prevents the aging of glass.
It is the ideal choice for self-cleaning external glass applications, windows and doors, glass curtains, balustrades, glass roofs, and buildings such as conservatories and greenhouses.
The internal glass used for stair rails, balcony glass, and partitions is becoming more popular in modern internal design, kirtchen glass, and splashbacks also become an endless task of cleaning not to mention the seamless shower designs and numerous other glass-related projects. 
Commercial use for shop windows, and office glass facades.

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